Savo Foundation Program: Waste Management Program

Our Objective

The organization's overall objective is to transform and impact lives of the community and society at large living in deplorable conditions in the informal settlements through offering sustainable and viable development services that aim to empower them on leadership towards becoming self dependence in all aspect of lives.

Waste management

Is collection, transportation and disposal of garbages, sewages and other waste.

Waste management : is the action require to management form its inception to its final disposal this include amongst other things treatment and together with monitoring and regulation.

is the way of treating, generation, prevention, characterization, monitoring, handling, reuse and residential disposal of solid waste


  1. Land-filling:
  2. Burying the waste in the land.

  3. Incineration or combustion:
  4. Is where the waste are burned at high temperature.

  5. The bottom-line:
  6. Biomedical waste must be prevent from contaminating people

  7. Relocate dump sites

What can you do to improve bad disposal?

  • Well designed sanitation blocks
  • Chop a lemon tree to get ride of bad smell
  • Have constant water supply in your sanitation.
  • Hack for better kitchen storage
  • Advancing community against dump on land or water and sewages
  • Recycle the useful items for betterment of our environment


  • Reduction of diseases causes by bad disposal
  • Good fresh
  • Reduction of cost
  • Reduce risk on health
  • Making the stakeholders happy

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