Savo Foundation Initiatives : Health and Hygiene

Our Objective

The organization's overall objective is to transform and impact lives of the community and society at large living in deplorable conditions in the informal settlements through offering sustainable and viable development services that aim to empower them on leadership towards becoming self dependence in all aspect of lives.

Health and Hygiene

Environmental hazard' is the state of events which has the potential to threat the surrounding natural environment and adversely affect people's health.This term incorporates topics like pollution and natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes. Hazard danger to health resulting from exposure to environmental pollutants, such as ionizing or radiation, or to a life-style choice, such as cigarette smoking, exposure of drainages or chemical abuses

How can we improve health hazard

  • Community awareness on health hazard
  • Community involvement
  • Providing instrument for cleaning
  • Good waste disposal
  • Proper drainage system

What is water borne disease?

Water borne diseases are any illness CAUSED by pathogenic microorganisms that most commonly are transmitted in contaminated fresh water The infection commonly results during bathing, washing, drinking in the preparation of food or the consumption of food thus infected.Water is essential for life also water contamination can be caused by human or animal feces which contain pathogenic. WHO water, sanitation and hygiene have important impact on both health and disease on humankind life

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Current Activities: Environmental Management

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porvety eradication

SAVO foundation has been engaging with community, children and youth groups in order to eradicate extreme poverty in Kibera.

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Ecosystem and Biodiversity

SAVO foundation engaging in eco-system management, community awareness, good waste disposal and proper drainage systems for kibera community.

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sanitation initiative

SAVO foundation aims to reduce the occurrence of water borne diseases by making sure every household and schools consume treated water for healthier life.

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health and Hygiene

SAVO foundation has been engaging with community and youth groups in order to eradicate extreme poverty in Kibera.